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Why Choose Trane?

Why choose a Trane High Efficiency Air Conditioner and Coil or Heat Pump system for your home?


Proven Performance, Proven Reliability, Proven Quality!

All air conditioners and heat pumps provide cooling. However Trane air conditioners and heat pumps have years of proven superior engineering over the competition. This has resulted in Trane air conditioners consistently outperforming and outlasting other brands.

Lets look at a few things that Trane does differently when it comes to air conditioners, coils and heat pumps.

Aluminum Coils

One of the first things you notice when you look inside a Trane air conditioner, Trane heat pump or Trane coil cabinet is that the coils are all aluminum with a Spine Fin around the aluminum tubing. The reason that Trane uses aluminum tubing is that aluminum tubing is 5 times more resistant to corrosion than copper tubing. This increases the lifespan of your equipment significantly, either within the indoor coil section where there is constant moisture, or  on the outdoor unit that is exposed to weather elements all the time.


On the indoor cased coil and the outdoor air conditioner graphic, at right, you can see the all aluminum coil tubing. The all aluminum coil tubing in Trane's air conditioners, heat pumps and evaporator coils is one distinct difference from competitors in Trane products.   

The The Spine Fin® Difference: A Leak Resistant Design

Trane uses a patented Spine Fin Technology as opposed the the "Plate Fin" technique that is used by the competitors. Here are the reasons why.


Trane Coil Technology Features One-Third The Number Of Brazed Joints.

Spine Fin has an extremely low leak potential. Coils are more prone to leaking at joints, and Spine Fin with Woven Coil Technology has far fewer joints than plate fin. That�s because Spine Fin tubing is manufactured in continuous lengths. Brazed connections are required only at the coil (or circuit) inlet and outlet.


Elimination of end-turns used in copper tube plate fin designs permits a dramatic reduction in brazed joints and potential leaks in this design. Of course fewer leaks increases system reliability and durability. This also means a longer compressor life, because the introduction of moisture and contaminants into the sealed system is prevented.

In contrast, plate fin coils are made by stacking flat fins on parallel tubes. Each tube pair requires an end-turn to complete the refrigerant circuit. A typical 2.5 ton air conditioner or heat pump requires 30 or more brazed joint connections. A modern Trane unit of the same size requires about 10 joints or a third of the joints. Plate fin coils have three times the leak potential over Trane Spine Fin Technology.


Woven coil technology is the newest generation of Spine Fin. The woven coil design weaves a continuous roll of Spine Fin in a layered configuration, creating an even greater surface area. This greater surface area results in increased efficiency and a reduced cabinet size.


How Does Spine Fin® Prevent Efficiency Loss?

  • It is designed for leak resistance.
  • It is made with corrosion resistant materials and innovative construction techniques.
  • It is housed in an enclosed, protective cabinet. And, it is cleanable.
  • On-going research and development keep Spine Fin on the leading edge.

Trane minimizes coil corrosion with all aluminum coils

The indoor coil made by most other HVAC manufacturers is copper with aluminum plate fin over the copper. This type of coil and fin combination is five times more likely to corrode as opposed to Tranes Spine Fin Technology which is aluminum coil surrounded by aluminum fin. Trane coils are all aluminum, both the tubing and the Spine Fin around the tubing. Make no mistake, all coils will corrode. Trane has just managed to slow the process through the use of aluminum tubing and aluminum Spine Fin technology.


If you don't have a Trane Coil- Whenever you look at inside your indoor coil note that although the copper coil portion is corroded and discolored, the aluminum fin portion is much cleaner. Aluminum is more resistant to corrosion because it oxidizes and continually provides a protective layer against damage caused by moisture and other adverse conditions. Copper corrodes and falls away, leaving the copper vulnerable as new layers of copper become exposed.

Purdue University Study


Most recently, a study conducted at the Ray Herrick Laboratories of Purdue University in 2001, showed that a typical system’s efficiency degrades twice as much with enhanced plate fin versus Spine Fin® when a three to four-year buildup of graded dust is present. Even in the event that Spine Fin® is loaded with more particulate than enhanced plate fin, more system efficiency is retained with Spine Fin.® This study proves the fact that surface loading and clogging are not typical to Spine Fin.®

Trane Cased Coil

Trane Outdoor Unit

Trane Spine Fin®

Trane’s Unique Aluminum to Copper Transition  Joint

Trane's Woven Coil Technology

eliminates unneeded welded joints by

70%- welded joints are where most leaks occur in any coil 

Trane uses aluminum fins over aluminum tubing-

very corrosion resistant

Trane Coil- Note the minimal use of copper components


Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan's) Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) promotes the international ENERGY STAR symbol in Canada and monitors its use. Major manufacturers and retailers of energy-efficient products, utilities and energy retailers, and interest groups from Australia to Europe recognized the benefits of ENERGY STAR to consumers and have joined in promoting the symbol.

ENERGY STAR is the international symbol of premium energy efficiency. Products that display the ENERGY STAR symbol have been tested according to prescribed procedures and have been found to meet or exceed higher energy efficiency levels without compromising performance.

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