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Ordering Air Filters for your home is easy!


We sell two basic type of throwaway filters for your home furnace or air handler. Fiberglass Disposables and Pleated Filters in a variety of thicknesses.


It is critical that you change your filters regularly especially with the typical 1" thick (actually often 3/4" thick) filter found in most homes central air systems today. Regularly means typically once a month. Occasionally people forget to do this and the filter becomes plugged to the point that air has difficulty passing through the system. Dirty or plugged air filters results in loss of air flow, extreme loss of energy efficiency, it can lead to the coil freezing in the summer months and can create probelms during the heating season. If the air isn't passing through the unit because of a plugged or dirty filter, it creates unnecessary stress on the blower motor which can result in damage to system components.


A simple way to remember to change your filters is to time the filter change with another monthly event at your home. For instance, monthly, when the hydro bill arrives in the mail, make that the scheduled day to change your air filter. Often small reminders and associaitions with another monthly occurence is a great way to remember to change the filter.


Typical households change their filters monthly. However, if you have pets, smoke, dust and dander or have other adverse conditions, you may need to change your filter more often. Any HVAC service company can verify that one of the leading causes of system issues is the filter and the fact that it isn't changed regularly. It is the simplest form of necessary maintenance the homeowner can perform to protect their system. It equates in importance to changing the oil in your vehicle.


Filter Advice


Many companies including large hardware chains sell 1" thick filters and claim that they are 3 month and 4 month filters. This is very misleading and especially when dealing with 1" thick filters, they need to be changed regularly. Some of the thicker (3", 4" and 5" ) PLEATED filters (looks like an accordian) will allow 3-4 months between filter changes only because there is more surface area to the actual filter element. In homes where there are no pets, no smokers, very little dust and dander, a good 5" pleated filter may not have to changed for six months. However, this is rare. 


Filters by the case 


All Hallman & Dittmer Heating and Air Conditioning 1" disposable filter sales are by the case, meaning there is 12 months worth of filters.


Thicker pleated filters (3" or larger in thickness) are sold in 2-packs or 3-packs as indicated. Please choose the filters you want and contact us. You may pay for filters by credit card over the phone or in person, or pre-pay by check or money order. All filter sales are final. Please measure your filters accurately before ordering. The size is usually printed on the existing filter.






Fiberglass Disposable Filters
Pleated Disposable Filters

There is a small arrow on each filter- the arrow should point to the furnace, as your filter is installed on the return air side of the furnace and the air flows through the filter into the furnace.